Harambee Dinner - 2018

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October 04, 2018 Celebrating 32 Years of Unity at Behrend

Harambee is Swahili for "Let us all pull together”. It originated in the country of Kenya as a slogan for national unity. Today we use this slogan as a way to unite our campus community and to celebrate the richness of cultures and diversity represented among our students, faculty, and staff.

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Welcome Words

Andy Herrera

Multi-Cultural Council (MCC) Adviser

Welcome to Invocation

Elizabeth Malomo and Karen Hor

Multi-Cultural Council (MCC) President and Vice-President


Ricardo Rodriguez

PSB Model United Nations (PSBMUN) President

Invitation to Dinner

Priya Patel

Multi-Cultural Council (MCC) Secretary

Introduction of Speaker

Madison Jerrell

Multi-Cultural Council (MCC) Representative to SGA

Guest Speaker

Shinjini Das

The Go-Getter Girl!

Introduction of Performance

Hector Rios-Jaime

Multi-Cultural Council (MCC) Promotions Coordinator

Musical Performance

Mestre Efraim Silva Brazilian Capoeira & Sounds

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We Thank You

  • Our Advisor Andy A. Herrera
  • Shinjini Das
  • Mestre Efraim Silva & Dancers
  • Student Activity Fee
  • Office of Student Leadership & Involvement
  • Housing and Food Services
  • MCC Executive Board
  • AAUW
  • ABC
  • ASO
  • CCAC
  • CCC
  • HRPC
  • ISO
  • MSA
  • NSBE
  • OACS
  • OLAS
  • SASO
  • GASE
  • MCC Organization Advisors
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