Harambee Dinner - 2003

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Welcome 17th Annual Harambee Friday, October 3, 2003

McGarvey Commons


Harambee is Swahili for "Let us all pull together" and originated in the country of Kenya as a slogan for national unity. We use this celebration as a way to unite our campus community and celebrate the cultures and richness of diversity that is represented among our students, faculty, and staff.

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Majestic moon and splendid sun, all a part of everyone.

Rick Doran


Shirelle Evans

Sun Ryan Tusi

Alima Polley

Sunny Yang

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Ms. Olga Nacalaban


Irish American Society (IAS)

Introduction to Speaker

Ms. Jessica Dearolf

Guest Speaker

Mr. Forrest Parker

President & Chief Executive Officer of the Virginia Educational Council on Multi-Ethnic Concerns

Introduction to Dance Group

Mr. George Morgan

Dance Group

Tom and Susana Evert

Dance Theatre


Acknowledgement of Alumni

Ms. Edalia George

Appreciation Remarks

Mr. Nana Osei-Bansu

Closing Words

Ms. Tabitha Chase

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Special Thank you

  • Forrest Parker
  • Tom & Susana Evert Dance Theater
  • Andy Herrera
  • Housing and Food Services
  • RUB Information Desk
  • Judy Glembocki
  • SAF committee
  • SGA
  • MCC E-Board
  • ISO
  • ASO
  • ABC
  • MCC
  • Multi-Cultural Council
  • SGA
  • Office of Educational Equity Programs

Celebrating diversity on campus!

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