What is Harambee?

Harambee is Swahili for "Let us all pull together" and originated in the country of Kenya as a slogan for national unity. The Multi-Cultural Council at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College has used this symbol of unity for over 30 years as the name of an event to bring together all students, regardless of where they come from or how they have walked the path of life. Harambee is held every fall and is open to any students at no charge. The event includes dinner, a guest speaker, and a cultural performance, like 2013's Bhutanese Dancers.

Harambee gives students the chance to come together and share the different cultural influences that we grew up with, while also celebrating the fact that our journeys have brought us all here, united as one student body.

Project Content

This archive contains programs from various years of Harambee, which were placed at each seat for guests to see the schedule of events, names of speakers and performers, and view the menu for the dinner. These programs are a key staple to see how the event progressed that year, and it also gives tribute to all of the people who worked hard to make it happen, especially the students on the Multi-Cultural Council.

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